A storied brand.
A new beginning.

A Storied History

Since they were first introduced in the late 1960s, the Metro and Merlin line of aircraft have been coveted around the world for their speed, ability to carry people and cargo into remote locations, and their top dispatch reliability.

Skippers Aviation 2
Sharp Flinders 60

A bright future

And now the future is brighter than ever, thanks to Ontic’s acquisition of the type certificate for all Metroliner and Merlin models.

As experts in legacy airframe and parts support, Ontic brings the knowledge, relationships, and financial backing to propel the storied Metro Merlin brand far into the future.

Every step of the way

A full-service airframer, the Metro Merlin staff at Ontic are ready to ensure you get the most of your aircraft ownership and operational experience.

We know that in the commercial environment, downtime isn’t an option, and every minute counts.

Metro Instrument Panel

Here for you

We thrive on serving the community, offering a range of parts, services, technical publications, and other associated support.

Whether you operate a fleet of Metroliners carrying passengers and cargo into unimproved airports, or you proudly own and fly a Merlin, we are here for you.

The Ontic Effect

ONTIC is the globally trusted aerospace partner in supporting and supplying established aircraft parts to the world’s aerospace leaders.

Providing established product solutions and expert OEM support isn’t just something we do. It’s all we do.

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